In this guide I’ll go over the steps to get root access in this VM.

You can download the VM from:,511/

Once it’s running in VirtualBox, I run the usual netdiscover to get the IP address of the machine: in my case

After that a quick NMAP will reveal that it has SSH and HTTP open:

And an old linux kernel, which might be interesting …

The website on port 80 is just a leaderboard:

#4 looks weird

The page’s source code hint’s “ROT47”:

ROT47 is just shifting a character 47 positions

We google a bit for an online rot47 encoder/decoder:

And we get:

Now that I have two values, I’ll try to use them for SSH:

And we’re in!

The home folder has a file called hint.txt with the message “docker”

Docker IS running in the server:

Because the current user is in the “docker” group, it can run without sudoer permissions, this allows us to escalate privileges:

I’ll run the base docker image, mounting the root folder of the host as a folder in the container, then chroot to it, this will end up containerizing the host system but with root permissions:

docker run -v /:/mnt --rm -it alpine chroot /mnt bash

And now that we are root we can move freely:

There is a flag, even if the description said there wasn’t any :)

And that is all for this short challenge!